From Anti-Oedipus

Deleuze and Guattari

D. H. Lawrence says of love:

“We have pushed a process into a goal. The aim of any process is not the perpetuation of that process, but the completion thereof…the process should work to a completion, not to some horror of intensification and extremity wherein the soul and body ultimately perish.”

Schizophrenia is like love. p.5


There is no such thing as relatively independent spheres or circuits. […] Everything is production: production of productions, of actions and passions; production of recording processes, of distributions and coordinates that serve as points of reference; production of consumptions, of sensual pleasures, of anxieties and of pain.

Recording processes (enregistrement):

Desiring production and social production both involve an element of anti-production. And they are both involved in the production of recording surfaces (ideology). Capital for social production and body without organs for desiring production function as the recording surfaces that arrogate to themselves all the productive forces and all the organs of production. Production is not recorded in the way it is produced. (disjunctive synthesis of recording vs the connective synthesis of production).p 12

The subject:

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