Alfred Sohn-Rethel

Major work Intellectual and Manual Labour
Keywords Immaterial labour, epistemology, abstraction, Kantian theory of cognition
Related Figures Marx, Kant, Adorno

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First Part of Intellectual and Manual Labour 

EE�s notes on Intellectual and Manual Labour



Die soziale Rekonsolidierung des KapitalismusSohn-Rethels Aufsätze in den Führerbriefen 1932 (In German on studien von

Von der Analytik des Wirtschaftens
zur Theorie der Volkswirtschaft
Methodologische Untersuchungen mit besonderem Bezug
auf die Theorie Schumpeters (1936) (In german - extract from dissertation on Schumpeter)

Biography and summary of philosophy (in German - on

Das Ideal des Kaputten (In German - on

The Class Structure of Machinery: notes on the value form by Hans-Dieter Bahr. The author belonged to the German school "capital-logic" school and is commenting in this text on Sohn-Rethel and the transformation of different modes of knowledge with the subsumption of the labour process under the value form, issues that are also part of the discussion of immaterial labour.


Economy and Class structure of German Fascism (CSE Books, London 1978)
Intellectual and Manual Labour : A Critique of Epistemology
The form of the commodity and the form of thought
Intellectual and manual labour - radical philosophy Autumn 1973