Piero Sraffa (1898-1983)
Keywords: Neo-Ricardian economics
Related Figures: Ricardo, Keynes, Gramsci,
"Compared to Sraffa, Marx's attempt and failure to make the system (and his book on the system...) self replicating can only appear illegitimate, whatever the Althusserians may say: what prevents Marx from making a 'scientific' description, is that he must fulfil the function of the prosecutor assigned to him by his desire for an integration of goods, means and persons into a single body. Sraffa's 'body' is as elusive as the body of capital, commodities are themselves only evident there as the limits of an endless metamorphosis; which suggests the congruence of capital's endless metamorphisis; which suggests the congruence of capital's operation with that of a theoretical system" ( Lyotard - Libidinal Economy p 152)

On the Relations Between Costs and Quantities Produced - Annali di Economia (PDF)

The Laws of Returns under Competitive Conditions - 1926, Economic Journal

The work and correspondence of David Ricardo - edited by Sraffa

Online catalogue of Sraffa's papers (no online texts)