Campaign: Global Women's Strike

Blog: Caring Labour

Resources: Selma James and Dalla Costa (1972), The power of women and the subversion of the community (pdf)

Selma James et al. (1975), Sex, Race and Class

Ellen Malos (ed.) (1980), The Politics of Housework

Alice Kessler-Harris (1981), Women Have Always Worked: A Historical Overview

Selections from Leopoldina Fortunati (1995), The Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital

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P. E. Perkins (2000), Feminist understandings of productivity (pdf)

Precarias a la Deriva (2006), A Very Careful Strike: Four hypotheses the commoner (pdf)

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P. Cunninghame (2009), Italian feminism, workerism and autonomy in the 1970s: The struggle against unpaid reproductive labour and violence, Mute Magazine

See also:

Giovanna Dalla Costa, The Work of Love

Wendy Edmond and Suzie Fleming (eds.) (1975) All Work and No Pay: Women, Housework and the Wages Due.
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