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Michel Foucault Franco Barchiesi
Augusto Illuminati Alessandro Pandolfi
Michel Foucault
1961 unpublished Doctoral thesis on Kant's Anthropology from a Pragmatic point of view
1980 Issue of Autonomia. Check it out
Antonio Negri
Paolo Virno
Communism: some thoughts on the concept and practice Presentation at conference organised by Birkbeck in March 2009 Communism is back and we should call it the theraphy of singularisation Presentation at his book launch, London February 2009 Wit and Innovation and The difficulty of saying 'No' Lecture on 'nay-saying', 2012 and Prologue of Wit and Innovation. For a logic of change, 2005
Multitude and Metropolis II Presentation at seminar organised by Nomad University in November 2006. The obsession with identity fascism Extract from La nefasta utopia di Potere Operaio (1997). Recording the present: essay on historical time Excerpt from Il ricordo del presente, 1999.
Logic and theory of inquiry Chapter 5 of Guide: cinque lezioni su Impero. 2003. The insurgence of European Precariaat Article on the March struggles in France. March 2006. General Intellect Entry in Lessico Postfordista, Feltrinelli, 2000
Fabbriche del Soggetto Online Book in Italian (translation forthcoming) Info-Labour and Precarity Article on the meaning of precarity in the era of cognitive labour, May 2005. Labour and Language An analysis of the changes in labour and its relation to language in Post-Fordism. Published in Lessico Postfordista, Feltrinelli, 2000
Ars et multitudo Negri interviewed at theVenice festival, 2005 The premonition of Guy Debord Article on Guy Debord's suicide and legacy, published on Liberazione, December 2004. From violence to resistance Article published on il Manifesto, as a contribution to their ongoing debate on violence, November 2004.
A Contribution on Foucault Negri comments on the legacy of Foucault today. Paris, October 2004. The warrior, the merchant and the sage Article on the war, the movement and capital, published on makeworld#4, February 2004. Between disobedience and exodus Interview with Flavia Costa, June 2004.
On the constitution of Europe Debate with Balibar. Rome, June 2004. On the brink of disaster Reflections on F15 and the aftermath of the war, March 2003.

Interview with Veronica Gago, July 2004.

Multitude or working class?

Negri's reply to Callinicos at the European Social Forum. Paris, November 2003.

Social entropy and rekombination On the relation between cognitive workers, the role of the intellectual and what is to be done, 2002. Interview with Archipelago, June 2002.
The ripe fruit of redemption Review of Agamben's Stato di Eccezione, published on Il Manifesto, July 2003. Review of Dark Fiber More than a review, an analysis of the present state of the net economy, August 2002.
The Foucault/Chomsky debate (with Judith Revel)

Paolo Virno and Judith Revel revisit the debate in a seminar in Rome, June 2002.

The Poor: a threatening and indispensible enemy Published on Global Magazine, Issue 2, May 2003.
Giorgio Agamben
Multitude and working class Interview with Maurizio Lazzarato for Multitudes, n. 9, June 2002.
Public Sphere, Labour, Multitude. Strategies of resistance in Empire Intervention with Virno in a seminar organised at the University of Pisa, February 2003. The oath First chapter of Homo Sacer III The republic of the Multitude Interview with Paolo Virno by Marcelo Expositio first published in the "Cultura/s" supplement to La Vanguardia, Wednesday, December 3, 2003
On Commonwealth Intervention in Gothenburg Defining Metropolis Seminar held in Padova at the Nomad University on the theme of war and democracy, November 2006. Extract from Quando il verbo si fa carne (Bollati Boringhieri, 2003), chapter VII.
The Ballad of Buenos Aires Critique of the Italian edition of the book "19 and 20. Notes on the new social protagonism" by Colectivo Situaciones. Defining Movement Seminar held in Padova at the Nomad University on the theme of war and democracy, January 2005.
On the generalised social strike in mature postmodernity, this article was circulated on on 20th November 2002.
Francois Matheron
Interview with Paolo Virno by H�ctor Pav�n, December 2004.
A definition of Operaismo Article from Multitudes, May 2004
Approximations: towards an ontological definition of the multitude Article published in French on Multitudes, n. 9, June 2002.
Raniero Panzieri
Maurizio Lazzarato
The order of war Published on Global Magazine, Issue 1, November 2002.

Socialist uses of workers' inquiry

From Spontaneita' e organizzazione. Gli anni dei "Quaderni Rossi" 1959-1964, Maastricht, May 2009
Glossary in conversation Common, Exodus, Europe, War, Empire, Legitimacy, Non-Places, Poverty defined, October 2002.

Matteo Pasquinelli

Multitudes, September, 2005.
Empire and Multitude. A dialogue on the new order of globalisation Antonio Negri and Danilo Zolo, published on Reset, October 2002, and Radical Philosophy, July 2003. The ideology of free culture and the grammar of sabotage Presented at 'The art of rent', London, February 2008. A defeaning noise Multitudes, May 2004.
The Imperialist Backlash on Empire Interview with Il Manifesto on war, Empire and US, September 2002. From Utopia to Networks, article published on makeworld#4, February, 2004.


Published in no. 23 of the journal Atlantica.


Alma Venus: Prolegomena to the common Extracts on kairos. Published in the Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal v. 22, n.1, 2000, and hacked by kotoronomedya into html in April 2002. War Porn War Punk Autonomous videopoiesis in wartime, published on, November 2004
Judith Revel
Counter Empire Intervention at a seminar on strategies for counter-Empire held by the Sherwood Tribune in Venice, February 2002.
Augusto Illuminati
Presented at 'The art of rent', London June, 2008.
Althusserian texts on aleatory materialism Published on Borderlands E-Journal, January 2006
Christian Marazzi
Research and Finance Presented at the Paris seminar series in May 2005.
Porto Alegre, Sad Empire Interview for Le Monde on Porto Alegre, anti-Americanism and the movement, January 2002.
Alessandro Pandolfi
Sergio Bologna
Critique of democracy and representation Seminar held in Padova at the Nomad University on the theme of war and democracy, January 2005. Review of Storming Heaven Review of Steve Wright's history of Operaismo, published on Strategies, August 2003.
Ruptures within Empire, the power of exodus Interview with Giuseppe Cocco and Maurizio Lazzarato published in French on Multitudes, n. 7, December 2001.
Sandro Mezzadra
Adelino Zanini
The constitution of Time

From La costitutione del tempo, Manifestilibri, 1997, now translated as part I of Time for Revolution, 2003

Citizenship in motion Article on the right to flight, migration, Balibar and postcolonial theory published on makeworld#4, February, 2004.

From Lessico Postfordista, Feltrinelli, 2000.

Multitude From Lessico Postfordista, Feltrinelli, 2000.
Value and Affect Article on the law of value and measure, published on DeriveApprodi, v.12-13, Autumn 1996.
Maria Rosa Dalla Costa
Alisa Del Re
Vittorio Rieser
    The door to the garden Paper on the history of Italian Marxist Feminism written for the seminar on Operaismo held in Rome, June 2002. Interview on Potere Operaio and Feminism Interview on Turin, Quaderni Rossi and workers
Interview on feminism and Potere Operaio, published in Futuro Anteriore, Deriveapprodi, July 2000.
Gigi Roggero and Francesca Pozzi
Franco Barchiesi
Labour transformation and the European Constitutional Process European Social Forum, Paris 2003

Review of Y. M. Boutang's From slavery to wage labour published on Il Manifesto, January 2003.