Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
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Imperialism: the highest stage of capitalism/ The state and revolution
Russian revolution, Bolsheviks, Vanguard Party, Dictatorship of Proletariat, Leninism,
Trotsky, Lukacs,
Leader of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia 1917; major political contribution within Marxism to the critique and overthrow of the state. Reference point for thousands of C20th Marxist revolutionary movements. Polemicises against Hilferding and Karl Kautsky. Described by Negri as having put the theory of anti-imperialism into practice.


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Lenin's Collected Works runs to something like 40 volumes. Due to Lenin's embededness as a central figure within the Russian and international social revolutions at the begining of the C19th, his texts are very often impregranted with the detail of the moment with elaborate description of the prevailing balance of political forces and with a constant attempt to apply what he understood as the proletarian science of Marx to the situation. His analysis can be dogmatic, scatheing, brilliant, sober, rude and arrogant all at once. And yet, in the writings of this powerful mind that industriously ransacked the bourgeois and socialist libraries for tools of revolution, whether in the lofty heights of Hegel's logic or the grit and sweat of the railroading creation of the modern state, Lenin is often to be found chipping away at the problems - often built with china - with the force of a sledgehammer.