Jules Monnerot (b. Fort-de-France, Antilles, 1909 d. Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Yvelines, 1995)

Collaborator with Georges Bataille, Roger Caillois, Pierre Klossowski and Jean Wahl on second edition of Acephale. Also co-founded the College of Sociology with Bataille in 1938, claiming subsequently to have been its main instigator. In fact as Surya reports, Bataille and Monnerot had quite different intentions and quickly fell out over the groups purpose. They seemed to have remained in contact. Bataille critically commended Jule's Monnerot's work "les faits sociaux ne sont pas des choses" in 'The moral meaning of sociology' - published in Critique (itself founded by Monnerot) June 1946. Review republished in ed. Richardson 1994.

After the war Monnerot became increasingly right-wing and anti-communist and at the end of his life involved in the Front National. Does this reflect an elitism that can be found in Caillois?


La Poésie moderne et le Sacré (1945),

Les faits sociaux ne sont pas des choses et On meurt les yeux ouverts (1946),

Sociologie du communisme (1949), - translated as 'The sociology and Psychology of Communism" 1953 - draws comparisons between Islam and Communism

la Guerre en question (1951),

Sociologie de la révolution: Mythologies politiques du XXè siècle. Marxistes-léninistes et fascites. La nouvelle stratégie révolutionnaire. Paris, Fayard, Les Grandes études contemporaines (1969)

Démarxiser l'université (1970)

Intelligence de la politique (1977).


Jules Monnerot: trajet d'un Intellectuel vers fascisme - J.M.Heimonet

Additionally we have this information but are not sure how right it is: His father????? was involved in establishing Jean Jaures group in Martinique after the socialist alliance founded an alliance with establishment helping give birth to the communist movement there in 1919-1920. Who also founded the journal 'justice' as the organ of the local communist party.