image of refusal

Refusal (to work)

"Workers of all countries, call it a day"

Scheme for the solution to every (work-based) problem

Tristan Tzara's dadaist manifestos

Bataille on work excess and violence (short excerpt from Eroticism)

Raol Vaneigem's book of Pleasures

Enrages and the Situationists in the Occupation Movement, by René Viénet. Translated by Loren Goldner and Paul Sieveking (New York: Autonomedia, 1992)

A Ballad Against Work

Self Activity of Wage Workers. Towards a Critique of Representation and Delegation

The Refusal of Work. Facts and Discussion

Bob Black's anti-work manifesto

The Strategy of Refusal, by Mario Tronti

Capitalist Domination and Working Class Sabotage, by Antonio Negri

Manifesto against Labour, by Norbert Trenkle

Terror of Labour, by Norbert Trenkle

Do you ever feel like Killing your boss?

Do you ever feel like stealing everything?

Dole Autonomy versus the Re-imposition of Work: Analysis of the Current Tendency to Workfare in the UK, by Aufheben

Paul Lafargue's The Right to be Lazy


Work Less Party

Even though the momentary campaign for the immediate abolition of work has not even got off the ground, it has already struck terror into the hearts and minds of the ruling classes. The slightest questioning of the role of work in our lives and the demand to expand our free time, touches on a central nerve in our ailing social system. Still waiting for a technical engineer to swoop it up and make it interactive, the MCIAW is sitting silently and threatening, audaciously flaunting the blackout on any discussion about liberation rather than obedience. Once it takes flight MCIAW will guarantee definite results in distracting punters from the job in hand and transporting them into an ideational realm where ideas of freedom, leisure and pleasure can grow to be a full time occupation.

Further Reading

Chapter 5 of N. Thorburn - Deleuze, Marx and Politics
Time for Revolution - 5.1 Refusal of Work and Productive cooperation p 70-81
Marx Beyond Marx - p 148
"Workers Against Work" - Michael Seidman, 1992 University of California Press
Kathi Weeks The Problem with Work (Duke University Press, 2011)
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