has had a presence on the internet since 2000. It is brought to you by Arianna Bove and Erik Empson. We are now on facebook and twitter.

The discussion list began in Summer 2001 with an online reading of Negri and Hardt's book Empire. We continued to circulate and discuss material relevant to the themes of the book, some of which is available here. This involved the all too important work of the translation of crucial texts many of which can be found here. As of the beginning of December 2002 we read Gilles Deleuze's Difference and Repetition. (more info/ resources here). Under various pressures and when its role had ceased to be productive we suspended the list in July 2003. There were approximately 250 subscribers.

In a follow up initiative, the generation-online reading group began reading Paolo Virno's book Grammar of the Multitude*. Originally presented as lectures to the Department of Sociology and Political Science at Calabria University, these concise, approachable and challenging texts offer insights into the complex process of the constitution of multitudes. Our reading group encouraged the dissemination, examination and discussion of textual materials and their open circulation. The mailing list is inactive at the moment, but will reopen as soon as something exciting happens. Watch this space or contact us with any suggestions.

The reference section is destined to be an eternal life of 'work in progress'. For us it is a way of collating information, note-taking and seeing how the connections between things develop. The quality of the information varies as widely as its coverage, but we are confident it will continue to grow and improve. There is no systematic approach and the information is characteristically eclectic and one-sided, but sometimes downright specialistic. If you hunt around you can find some unique and interesting material.

The archive collects and produces material relating to the research and interests of a small group of people interested in developing critical approaches to philosophy and social and political thought. It involves theoretical openness as an experimental method, as an ethical principle and as a social practice. In respect to these goals, one can also have a look at this short piece Online Generation: the strategy of refusal and the refusal of strategy.

Currently the best way to contribute is to to em email us [write to either editor or translations @ our domain name]. If you have electronic versions of any material that you think would be relevant to this project, or issues with any of the information stored here please do not hesitate to contact us. However please do not send us unsolicited attachments of text without having in someway indicated to us beforehand the nature of its contents. Many apologies if your anonymous submission has not been acknowledged because of this.

The functionality of having so many images on the reference page is questionable but we like it. If you don't then look up the text version which lists the entries alphabetically. Note that details of the most recent uploads can be found on the what's new log.

We've been involved in various initiatives over the years. Most recently:

The art of rent: A series of open seminars organised at The School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University, London. More information.

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We'd like to thank all the people that have supported G-O over the years including: Paul "Joey" Clark, Florian Schneider and friends, Marianna Cage, Nate Holdren, Il Vampiro, Dan Skinner, Matteo Mandarini, Pier Paolo Frassinelli, Thanos Kastritis.

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