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Momentary campaign for the immediate abolition of work

Momentary campaign for the immediate abolition of work


Take a moment out � free your mind, meditate and indulge your desires. Join the subversion that is freedom, the hidden collective will. Defy your boss, defy the strictures on your intellect and contribute a reflection an atom of energy for the positive campaign to liberate man from man.


Work is nothing more than discipline and social control. Often what we do is pointless, when useful, its inefficient and ineffective.

Sloganise, shout, scream, scam, post it all about. The revolution of the now is here. We are all about. End work. Abolish false needs. Free our power from its chains. No matter our differences, almost everyone has a mutual interest in abolishing the power of money and work in our everyday lives.



Ten reasons why work is bullshit


1.      It sucks

2.      Work always entails licking someone�s arse

3.      It turns your friends into cunts

4.      It kills your parents

5.      It kills your kids

6.      Work is always for the profit of someone else

7.      It makes you look forward to retirement age

8.      It turns the superfluous into necessity

9.     We become slaves to machines which should increase our free time

10.     Wages and money are lies that hide the truth of power


Listen to �abolish work� by the international noise conspiracy


Don�t work � read a book. Tell your work- mates about it.

Raol Vaneigem�s Book of Pleasures


Read Bob Black�s anti-work manifesto




How many less deaths on the roads, if people were not rushing to and from or for work. Read a situationist on Traffic


The strategy of refusal. M. Tronti


See also: The TERROR of labour


 Work is not about direct satisfaction of needs. It represents an external imposition on how we satisfy our needs. It forces us to abdicate power over our vital energy to an alien self serving master


Don�t submit to work

SUBMIT a reason not to work


Work is shite because:



Your message can be anything: a link, personal comment, statistics, anything which will help us abolish this alien power of work over our lives.



Etymology of Oppression:


The Italian and English verbs lavorare and to labour derive from the Latin laborare which meant to vacillate under a heavy weight and indicated the slave�s fatigue. In German the word arbeit designates the suffering of an orphan child become a serf. The Romanic words travail and trabajo derive from the Latin tripalium which was an instrument of torture designed to punish slaves and other non-citizens.



An excerpt from George Bataille�s �Eroticism� on why work involves the creation of taboos on desire


In the domain of our life excess manifests in itself in so far as violence wins over reason. Work demands the sort of conduct where effort is in a constant ration with productive efficiency. It demands rational behaviour where the wild impulses worked out on feast days and usually in games are frowned upon. If we were unable to repress these impulses we should not be able to work, but work introduces the very reason for repressing them. These impulses confer an immediate satisfaction on those who yield to them. Work, on the other hand, promises to those who overcome them a reward late on whose value cannot be disputed except from the point of view of the present moment. From the earliest times work has produced a relaxation of tension thanks to which men cease to respond to the immediate urge impelled by the violence of desire. No doubt it is arbitrary always to construct the detachment fundamental to work with tumultuous urges whose necessity is not constant. Once began, however, work does make it impossible to respond to these immediate solicitations which could make us indifferent to the promised desirable results. Most of the time, work is the concern of men acting collectively and during the time reserved for work the collective has to oppose those contagious impulses to excess in which nothing is left but the immediate surrender to excess, to violence, that is. Hence the human collective, partly dedicated to work, is defined by taboos without which it would not have become the world of work that it essentially is.


A quote from Grandfather Marx


The worker feels himself only when he is not working; when he is working he does not feel himself. He is at home when he is not working and not at home when he is working. His labour is therefore not voluntary but forced, it is forced labour. It is therefore not the satisfaction of a need but a mere means to satisfy needs outside itself. Its alien character is clearly demonstrated by the fact that as soon as no physical or other compulsion exists, it is shunned like the plague. External labour, labour in which man alienates himself, is a labour of self sacrifice of mortification. (Economic and philosophical manuscripts 1844)


Fichte�s insight

Each person must be able to live of his own labour; this is the principle. From this it follows that the condition to be able to live is labour, and that there is no right to live unless such condition is fulfilled. (Foundation of natural right 1797)FO

p. 41

Look around your workplace, who do you see? People, potential or machines?


Liberty is an immanent goal




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