Maurizio Lazzarato
Major work The making of the indebted man (2011), Lavoro Immateriale. Forme di vita e produzione di soggettivita' (ombre corte, 1997)
Key concepts Immaterial labour, biopolitics, multitude
Related figures M. Foucault, G. Deleuze, A. Negri, Paolo Virno, A. Simondon, G. Tarde
Associations Futur Anterieur, Multitudes
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Governmentality in the current crisis (2013)

On Bakhtin (2010)

What possibilities exist in the public sphere? (2004)

Multiplicité, totalité et politique (in French)

Biopolitics/bioeconomics: a politics of multiplicity (2006)

Immaterial Labour

A deafening noise (1994)

Biopower and biopolitics

Multitude and working class (Lazzarato interviews Virno)

Ruptures Within Empire, The Power of Exodus (Lazzarato and Cocco interview Antonio Negri)

The dynamics of the political event. Process of subjectivation and micropolitics (2011)

Dialogism and Polyphony (pdf)

From Knowledge to Belief, from Critique to the Production of Subjectivity (2008)

Art, Work and Politics in Disciplinary Societies and Societies of Security (2008) (only for radical philosophy subscribers)

The political form of coordination (2004)

Struggle, event, media

General Intellect: towards an inquiry into immaterial labour

From capital-labour to capital-life (2004) (doc)

European cultural tradition and the new forms of production and circulation of knowledge

Resources   More essays by Lazzarato and biographical information in French More essays by Lazzarato and biographical information in several languages
Bibliography Audio-visual research project Assemblages: F�lix Guattari and Machinic Animism (with Angela Melitopoulos, 2012)

The making of the indebted man (NY: Semitext, 2011)

Exp�rimentations Politiques (Editions Amsterdam, 2009 - forthcoming in English with MIT press)

Puissances de l�invention. La psychologie �conomique de Gabriel Tarde contre l��conomie politique (Paris: Editions les Emp�cheurs de penser en rond, 2002)

Les r�volutions du capitalisme (Paris: Le Seuil, 2004)

Lavoro immateriale. Forme di vita e produzione di soggettivita' (1997)

Videofilosofia. Percezione e lavoro nel postfordismo (1997)

Tute Bianche. Disoccupazione di massa e reddito di cittadinanza (1999)

Post-face à Monadologie et sociologie (1999)